The Company is led by a team of visionary consultants, experienced operators, and cannabis industry experts as well as scientists, researchers, horticulturists, and extraction specialists. This team applies the latest knowledge and technology to its projects and the cultivation process to assure the delivery of strictly controlled, high quality and rigorously tested organic cannabis products cultivated on LiveWire facilities and by the certified companies it has certified to operate on the facility.

Bill Hodson

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Hodson is the CEO and leads the Company’s management and development team. He is in the process of adding limited, but crucial management positions and has establish a distinguished advisory board to support the expected expansion of the company. The Company has hired seasoned financial and industry consultants and nationally recognized legal and environmental compliance experts to appropriately manage the Company’s ambitious projects currently in the advanced planning and implementation stage, while keeping overhead as low as possible. Previously, he was Executive Vice President of LiveWire Sports Group from September 2003 until May 2008. In this position, Mr. Hodson was responsible for overseeing all LWSG’s operations, which included the launch of several sports publications and one of the country’s largest sports consumer expos. Prior to LiveWire Sports, he served as Sales Director for Winn Golf Grips and was responsible for building the company’s national sales force in the industry. Mr. Hodson began his professional career in the securities industry as a stockbroker. specializing in early-stage nutraceutical and biotechnology companies.

William Riley

President LiveWire Ergogenics, Inc.

William Riley spent most of his career as an institutional trader on the New York Stock Exchange based out of St. Louis, Missouri. Mr. Riley moved to Las Vegas in 2011 to pursue a career in the residential mortgage banking field. Since then, he has consulted on the introduction of various projects and companies to private investors. Mr. Riley is experienced in financial management, consulting, client relationship management and has gathered extensive experience in the commercial and residential real estate industry. Mr. Riley will manage all Livewire operations and relations with subsidiaries in close cooperation with the CEO.

Jason Spain

Operations Manager

Jason has an impressive 20-year track record of successful project management including the planning and execution of end-to-end development and cultivation of innovative, cannabis-based project properties and portfolios. His decade long experience makes him highly qualified to provide all encompassing services for the design and construction of all necessary build outs required for operations on qualified properties to cultivate and sell marketable cannabis strains in full compliance with legal and environmental rules and regulations. His construction background and his ability to adapt to climate and regulatory changes make him an ideal addition to the Livewire Ranch operation team.

Jeff Dole

Vice President of Central Coast Operations

Jeff grew up in a household of executive who developed the 7-Eleven brand globally. This experience provided him the optimal education in all facets of in-store retail sales, both Domestic and International. Working in the retail industry for many years he acquired an extensive understanding of forecasting, manufacturing, distribution, marketing, and product packaging. Jeff’s focus is solution oriented, and he has significant experience in identifying complex interactions to achieve better results more economically. The core element of his management approach is identifying customer needs while satisfying company objectives. Jeff was raised in California and Texas and graduated from Colorado State University with a major in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology.

AJ Moreno

Compliance Manager – Government Liaison

Mr. Moreno brings a wealth of construction and compliance experience to the Company. For the past 16 years, Mr. Moreno has been a General Contractor in New Mexico and his company was recognized as one of the fastest growing companies for two years in a row. Most recently, Mr. Moreno has been focusing on the high-volume Las Vegas market and building a strong relationship with most major Casinos in Nevada. During the past 8 years, Mr. Moreno has been expanding its operations into Las Vegas and has completed construction work for many of the largest well-known casinos in the city. The immense experience navigating complex regulations of a union-based company in Las Vegas and the highly regulated government contract work on military installation, Mr. Moreno is uniquely positioned to spearhead the compliance responsibility for LiveWire and QDG.