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Welcome to special purpose real estate in the California cannabis market.

A company focused on real estate acquisition, dedicated to growth, and committed to supporting small farmers on the central coast and beyond.

Just another 'weed stock'?
Not quite.

LiveWire Ergogenics' business model focuses on real estate, marketing, and research and development within the growing cannabis space. This includes technology such as blockchain solutions, premium genetics, health and wellness opportunities, and much more. We're working with industry partners to pioneer a movement, build lasting brands, and develop game changing technology and research to support one of the fastest growing industries in America.

Property Development

Through the purchase, partnership, and acquisition of special purpose properties, LiveWire Ergogenics is leveraging industry relationships to create a cultivation network to support the needs of a growing industry.

Building Brands

LiveWire is working with it’s affiliates to build and market in-house brands that fit the needs of their target market. Our network of cultivation operations benefit from in-house marketing capabilities allowing for lower costs.

Advocacy & More

From advocating for patient and industry rights to exploring next generation technology that will impact our industry, LiveWire Ergogenics seeks to be a leader in positive regulation and game changing research.

our projects

Explore the projects in our portfolio. These unique properties bring with them the vision of growth through expansion, brand development, technology, and more.

Estrella River Farms

Paso Robles, CA

Three Acres Of Sungrown California Cannabis Located On Historic Land

Headquartered on the iconic Estrella Ranch in Paso Robles, CA, LiveWire introduced Estrella River Farms in 2020 as the first of many projects to come and celebrated the first harvest in October of 2021.
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Makana Ola Farms

Humboldt, CA

Located In The Weed Capital Of The World At The Top Of Island Mountain

Humboldt County California is known for its deep history rooted in Cannabis throughout some of its most difficult times. LiveWire is proud to support the efforts of the small farmers of Makana Ola.
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supported by small farmers

"Livewire Ergogenics is focused on the development and support of small farmers in the California cannabis market. Through the acquisition and management of property conducive to cannabis cultivation, and development of in-house brands, Livewire seeks to be a dominant voice in this growing industry."

-Bill Hodson
LiveWire Ergogenics, CEO

California First.
nationwide next.

LiveWire Ergogenics has built an impressive network of cultivation and compliance experts in legal markets across the nation and is positioned to maximize all opportunities as the industry matures.

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