The Estrella Ranch Project

Iconic land on the central coast is now

a working ranch with an agrarian touch.

High Quality Hand Crafted Sun-Grown Organic Cannabis

The Estrella Ranch sits on California's central coast surrounded by world famous vineyards...and is now home to the worlds first Estate Weedery™

Estrella River Farms is home to an impressive team of world class cannabis cultivators with a passion for growing hand crafted sun-grown cannabis in California’s central coast surrounded by world renowned vineyards.  

Our team lives, eats, and works right here on the famous Estrella Ranch in Paso Robles, CA. The farm, located on the ranch, is the first of its kind Estate Weedery™ with 130,000 sqft of outdoor canopy grow area with plans in place for additional growth. 


Acquiring Property With A Purpose

Estrella River Farms is part of a larger project for LiveWire Ergogenics. With plenty of space to grow, the company sees opportunity not only in agriculture but also in expanded ranch operations on the California central coast.



grown using organic
growing strategies