Real estate

A growing portfolio of specialized real estate properties

managed and supported for compliance, marketing, and more.

Smart Investments into specialized cannabis real estate projects

LiveWire Ergogenics, Inc. (OTC:LVVV) business model is simple. Acquire world class properties, partner with world class cannabis cultivators, and leverage world class marketing and technology to bring buyers and sellers together in a growing industry.

Our main operations are located on California’s central coast alongside some of the most famous vineyards on the west coast.

A Cannabis REIT with Massive Room For Growth

Leveraging Broad Environmental & Legal Experience ​in the California market.

Through strategic partnerships with qualified operators, LiveWire Ergogenics, Inc. (OTC:LVVV) secures permits and manages properties to maximizes profitability through shared resources, network, buying power, and more.

As federal clarity is established, LiveWire Ergogenics intends to expand beyond the California market and establish a presence Nationwide.


Featured Cannabis LiveWire Ergogenics Projects

From real estate to advocacy, LiveWire seeks to be a dominant voice in the California cannabis space and beyond.