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network of compliant and reliable distribution.

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Product distribution strategies

We've created reliable relationships in the industry providing a platform for successful product launches and compliant product distribution.

Premium Estate Weedery Cannabis Brand: 'Checkered Past' Launches In California
Estrella River Farms launched its first of many brands 'Checkered Past' offering users a the first opportunity to smoke organically sun-grown cannabis from the world first Estate Weedery™

Building premier California cannabis brands

We believe the future of the cannabis business is in what we call the “Weedery” model, remarkably similar to the model to that of the century-old wineries that surround us at Estrella Ranch. This model is why we coined the phrase “Estate Grown Weedery“.

science driven sun-grown premium cannabis

Our team brings with them proprietary growing strategies including specialized living soil, liquid nutrients, and generational knowledge that spans multiple regions across the World.

Rooted in science and guided by modern insights, the soil is a perfect balance of natural inputs with scientifically-backed ingredients. The result? Thriving plants and a grow that maximizes yield.